Do You Want to Be a Cheap or Classy Magician?

by Kip Pascal


Being a magician is all about creating an image. Wouldn't you agree?

You pick a personality you can live with, and then work to create a larger-than-life stage version of it.

As a clown or comedic magician, you might want to create the image of a lovable character.

A close-up magician would probably want to be perceived as a "class act."

This makes sense, right?



Convincing Your Audience

It's easier to take on the role of your character, if you method act -- live the part.

Of course, you can play the part of an evil sorcerer. For me, since I am a nice guy, I more often play the part of a ... amiable, and skilled trickster.

Some readers of this article won't like the direction this article is about to go ...

If you would live the part of a classy magician, then be a classy magician.

You want to be classy anyway, right?



Be Ethical In Your Pursuit of Magic

Avoid stealing someone else's trick as your own

Be original in your patter. No matter how good the other guy's line sounds, it's still his (or her) patter.

Avoid buying from knock-off companies ...


Note: Do a little research. It's not too hard to find out which magic companies the professional magicians avoid. You should too.


By being incredibly honest in your magic, internally, you will feel like a classier individual. A high-class magician.

Your reputation will precede you as well.

Your peers will respect you. After all, you aren't the one stealing their routines. You are too creative for that.


Do you know anyone who wants to build his or her reputation as a magician?

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