Devious Use of The Coin Snatch

by Kip Pascal

I just thought of a great use for the coin snatch. If you are a poker player, you are going to love this article.

Nowadays, movies and shows that focus on poker have become the norm. So, even lay audiences know about bluffing. And almost all of them know that we exhibit tells -- signs of what is going on in our brains -- whether we are lying, bluffing, nervous, and so on.

Even the amateur Texas Hold ‘Em player knows to “try” to hide his or her tells. It makes sense. Everyone is careful about gestures and movements during the game.

Learning Poker Tells

Believe it or not, I am not really a poker player. (Blackjack is more my thing.) I have never played serious poker in a casino, for example.

Still, I do OK in an amateur game ... uh ... unless Lee Asher is at the table ... expert that he is. (Errr -- duh -- an -- Ace.)

One more believe it or not. Believe it or not, I get a lot, and I do mean a lot of useful tells away from the table.

You can learn a lot from subtle observation.

Devious Tell Exhibit

So, I was thinking ... how could I step up the pace, and learn a lot of tells in a very short space of time?

And the answer came to me....

I could use my trusty, and very impressive Coin Snatch. Here's how:

If you own the book, Coin Snatching, just use one of the patter presentations. For example, you could tell the story of the Shaolin coin snatching. Or you could present the Upside Down Impossible Coin Snatch.

Choose a longer routine, with lots of by-play.

While presenting your coin snatching routine, be sure to:

  • Ask some questions

  • Touch your participant's hand

  • See how your participant shows surprise

Now, observe.

What are the tells when your subject is answering your questions truthfully?

How does your subject react to touch? Slight embarrassment? Would you recognize the averted gaze and flushing of the cheeks during a card game?

And of course, your big tell will come when he or she opens the hand to reveal a different coin.

Tell me that you couldn't make use of tells that show surprise.

Are you seeing the value of taking a little fun break during the game?

Could you coin snatch a poker chip?

Something to think about ... from the mind of a strictly amateur card player.

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Keith Pascal is the author of a quality magic book that you won't find distributed by Murphy's.

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