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Making Ice Breakers Relevant

If you have an impressive demonstration that would make a good ice breaker, you can't just perform it at will.

Well, you could, but it might be inappropriate, and the presentation could fall flat. You'd turn a miracle, like Coin Snatching, into little more than a show-off stunt.

In order to build your reputation and impress all around, you have to have the sense to present your feat at the best time.


How to Set the Stage

Minor miracles, like Coin Snatching shouldn't be presented as an initial ice breaker. Don't walk up to people and meet them by challenging them to a test of speed.

In Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, a lot of time is spent teaching just when to present the Coin Switch. You also learn how to set the stage.

It's much better to lead the conversation to your demonstration. Even better, you learn how others can, without knowing, guide the conversation in the right direction for you.

In any case, you set the stage, then you Coin Snatch. Timing.


Ice Breaker Tip

One way to make any ice breaker fit the group gathered is to make it relevant to the conversation at hand.

Use your demonstration, your miracle, your martial feat, to illustrate a point.

Read the news.

What are some toipics that others are likely to bring to the talk? It looks better if someone else mentions the topic first.

Did someone get away with something in the news by being so swift, it almost wasn't noticeable?

Perform a Coin Snatch.

Is the town replacing one building with another?

Do your coin switch.

Think of the point you want to make ahead of time?

Ask yourself if your demonstration 'demonstrates' the point you are going to make. If it doesn't, you need to build a stronger argyument and/or connection.


Killing Four Birds with One Grab

I like to find three or four stories, before I go to a party. I look for stories that I can feel confident talking about, and ones that could use the samedemonstration.

Now, it becomes a question of jumping in with the first topic mentioned that is one of your special ice breakers, or waiting for a "better" ice breaker, later on.

Even though you talk first, I consider this an ice breaker, because the group gets to know you better through your example or the point that you make with your miracle.


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