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Bruce Lee JKD ezine

Martial Artists Snatch Coins

by Keith Pascal


What I am about to tell you is not fantasy!

Here's the story ....

I started coin snatching in the early 1970s. By 1990, I had been exchanging coins, to show my "incredible speed" for almost 20 years.

Still, I was amazed when an entire martial-arts seminar was "paused" for me to perform the coin snatch. I hadn't planned on interrupting anything.

Others were talking about my skill behind my back. My reputation had spread.

At a break, a small crowd gathered around, to make the request. They wanted to see me steal a coin from one of their martial artists -- someone who was known for his speed.

Not only did I steal the coin, but I left another coin, of a different denomination in its place.

Reputation further enhanced.

Just knowing this one little trick made me more famous than all of the notables who were attending the seminar. And I wasn't even a martial arts writer back then -- just a high school teacher.


Bruce Lee Students Amazed

Years later, I built a reputation with some of the original Bruce lee students.

At a memorial seminar, I started doing little magic tricks that related to martial arts. Word spread that a stuident of one of the original Bruce Lee students was also a magician.

What they didn't know was that my teacher, one of the originals, was also a competent magician.

While we stretched out our legs on the floor of the conference room, I entertained with some of my demonstrations.

And I hadn't even coin snatched at this point. I reserved this gem for a few rare demonstrations. This way, my reputation really started to grow.


Good For You, Too

Not only will coin snatching enhance your reputation as a martial artist, but the technique is good for you, too.

Once you start coin snatching at a close distance, you'll work on increasing the space between your hand and your participant's.

With my help, you'll make sure that as the distance increases, you don't add some telegraphs that warn you are snatching.

Once you can coin snatch without telegraphing, I'll give you tips for transfering this skill to your punches. Imagine punching that fast!


I Am Willing to Bet ...

that one of the coin-snatching techniques becomes one of your pet moves. It will be a skill that will stay with you always.

You'll use it to:

     entertain others

     show off your speed

     build your reputation

     improve your punches


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