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Would you like to perform an amazing in-the-specator's-hand effect?

Do you need strong patter?

How about ways to get others to build your reputation for you?

For the first time ever, a new book reveals all the methods of these feats of supposedly super-human speed and dexterity.

Whether you are a beginning magician or an accomplished professional, this book will show you a variety of methods to amaze a participant and a small audience with a coin.

With every effect in this book, the magic takes place in the volunteer's hand -- often in a closed fist.


"There is no stronger moment than when something magical apparently happens in your own hand.

"Kip Pascal's new book is full of in the hand astonishment."

-- Nathan W. Kranzo, professional magician and creator/producer of serveral fine magic DVDs including, Burining Up


It's So Much More than "Another" Coin Trick

There are a ton of magic books that will teach you how to perform coin tricks. Some are great ... and some are not so great.

All the techniques in these books are presented as magic tricks

Coin Snatching is different.

Imagine placing a coin in a volunteer's hand. You have to snatch the coin out of the participant's hand before he (or she) can close it.

You are so fast, that not only do you steal the coin, but you leave a different coin in its place.

With the patter and reputation-building suggestions found in the book, you'll present the coin switch, not as a simple coin trick, but rather as a demonstration of incredible speed and dexterity.

You explain that you have developed this skill as a result of all of the magic that you practice and have practiced over the years.

In Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, I'll give you a variety of methods of snatching and even switching a coin from volunteer's hand.

These are real methods. You really will be fast enough to switch a coin in another person's hand ... even if your participant has very fast reflexes.

I'll show you exactly how ....


"I've been obsessed with this trick since I was a kid"

"To any of the naysayers, I encourage you to give this [book] some serious thought.

"I have absolutely nothing to do with this book. I'd never even heard of Kip Pascal before...

"... the next question: Is the book any good?

"Without hesitation, I give Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder a 10/10.

Kip has obviously been a teacher and it shows. The book is entertaining, informative, and well laid out ....

I can't praise it enough. Maybe it's because I've been obsessed with this trick since I was a kid, but this book goes into my prized possession section.

Jamie D. Grant, Columnist for The Magic Cafe'

Click here, to Read the Entire Review

Why Most Magicians Could Use a Dose of Reputation Building

I am going to be frank with you, when asked to step in and help magicians improve their reputations, I usually notice one of two problems:

* The magician is one of many in his (or her) city. The performer feels lost in the crowd of other magicians ... and other performers.

* The magician is the only one in the community, but nobody seems to notice or remember this when they need a performer for a party or event.


Most magicians usually try to get noticed by performing a publicity-worthy stunt. They are trying to stand out. To be different.

And since all of them attempt to stand out with these "stunts," all of them end up blending in.

All the stunts seem similar. All the magicians seem similar.


How does a magician stand out?

Get other people to build your reputation for you. Give them something to talk about ... when you're not in the room.

There are simple ways to get others to do some of your reputation building for you....

Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder is more than a bunch of coin tricks.

You get chapters of advice on how to build your reputation subtley. I promise you that by the time you finish the book, other people will be approaching you and asking for a performance.

Did you know that just about every week, several people ask me to do a magic show (for good pay). As a full-time author, publisher, and father, I don't have the time to perform much any more.

When I can, I refer these requests to other magicians.

Can you imagine the kind of work I could get if I were performing, actively building my reputation, and using strong reputation-building techniques? (These are the methods that I put in this book.)

You'll find that once you start this kind of reputation building effort, people will start talking behind your back ... spreading your fame ... your talent as a performer.

All it takes is a smooth presentation, or two, taken from the book.

(Later, you'll maintain your popularity by priming the pump with an occasional coin-snatching demonstration.)


Click on image, to Enlarge

This Is The Only Place to Find These Collected Coin Snatches

In Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, you'll discover the best coin snatches and switches:

The Beginner's Grab -- start with this move. It's easy to learn, and it builds a important foundation for two impressive switches, later

The Rochester Switch -- This will be your first switch of one coin for another in the participant's hand. This is a favorite of some of my students.

Kip's Take -- This is the cleanest effect in the book. No fuss, no muss -- just a clean speed-switch of one coin for another. Very impressive.

The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Grab -- You present several components that make this effect seemingly impossible (you'll master it within 5 minutes after reading it).

The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Switch -- This used to be theory -- now, it's a doable effect. Show your hand empty before you make the impossible switch. (I'll send you an ebonus on how to make this trick practical. More about the ebonuses in a minute.)

Lee Asher Variation -- Some people find it easier to perform Kip's Take with a different hand orientation. Lee explains a clean way to make a switch.

The Cheap Shot -- You could reserve this one for obnoxious participants. I think it's better not to -- instead, just play it safe by knowing the move, so others don't try it on you!


Never Before Explained: From the Postage-Stamp Magician

Imagine a coin snatch from a handful of change ... with a big surprise for an ending!

John Calvert is a magician in his mid-nineties. And he is still going strong.

This man is so good, so powerful of a performer, that they have made a postage stamp of him in the United Kingdom. No kidding.

For all of these years, Mr. Calvert has had a pet coin switch. As mentioned before, it involves a handful of change. What's even better is, you allow the volunteer to choose a coin.

And the surprise ending is a fooler.

This bonus chapter really is one of those "worth the price of the book" effects.


"Calvert's Claw -- John Calvert is possibly the oldest professional magician still making the circuit with a strong magic act.

"In his 90s, Mr. Calvert has graciously allowed Kip Pascal to describe and publish his routine where he fools the participant by doing the opposite of what he claims. Instead of stealing one called for coin from a handful ..."




A Second Bonus Chapter for Creative Crowd Pleasers

How would you like to please a crowd with a coin snatch that plays big? This presentation is suitable for a gathered crowd on the street.

In most coin-snatching effects, the coin is placed in someone's hand, which makes it a presentation for a small audience. After all, if you can't see the coin, there is no visual amazement.

After A Conversation with Justin Hanes, (bonus chapter #2), you'll want to try this coin switch that can be performed in front of a bigger crowd.

Street performers will have a new routine ... that nobody else is performing.

It involves two spectators ... at the same time!


Order Now, and Receive the Following New eBonuses

If you order now, I'll include some pdf files. (I'll email you a download page.)

These four ebonuses revolve around the coin-snatching theme. Whether used as an example, or simply referred to, all will help magicians impriove.

Here's what you get:

Bonus #1 -- New presentation for coin snatching. Use this tip to create a coin-snatching anecdote from your childhood. Your audience will remember and appreciate this routine. (3 pages)

Bonus #2 --Subtle principle in magic that works perfectly for coin switching. One little move on your part can completely eliminate suspicion during your permance of the Rochester Switch or Kip's Take. (1 page)

Bonus #3 -- Parable on how to improve all of your magic. An older magician teaches some uncommon principles for taking your magic to a new level. (34 pages)

Bonus #4 -- Developing confidence as a magician. If you are a beginner or if you have recently lost your nerve duirng performances, then this article is for you. (2 pages)

PLUS -- I promised you an extra bonus for making the Upside-Down Impossible Switch practical.


Three More Bonuses -- For a Limited Time

I have three more bonuses that need mentioning. If you are at all interesting in Coin Snatching, then you should take advantage of this offer now.

For a limited time:

Free Postage Anywhere -- If the postal service allows it to your area, we'll send Coin Snatching to you via Priority Class Mail (Global Priority outside the U.S.)

With the price of postage and gas these days, this offer can't last!

A Few Coin-Snatching Gifts -- Often referred to as SWAG, I'd like to give you a few of our promotional materials as collector items -- a couple of bookmarks, a wooden nickel, and a post card -- all with the coin snatching brand.

Coin Snatching autographed to you -- Have your hard cover copy of Coin Snatching autographed to you, to someone else (as a gift), just signed, or left blank. Let me know.


Only $29.95 -- with a Money-Back Guarantee

Look, my father invented the phrase, "The secret's told, when the trick is sold."

We used it in our family-run magic shop in the 70s and early 80s. It meant that you had to buy the trick, in order to find out the secret.

And the rule in all magic shops and on-line companies is that once you discover the secret, there is never a refund. Period.

Well, I am so confident that you'll want to add this book to your magic collection, that I am willing to offer you a satisfaction guarantee -- for One Full Year!


"The best magicians in the world all have one thing in common ...

"They all have incredible magic libraries. You can often tell the quality of a magician by the size of his or her library."


Coin Snatching PLUS -- For $29.95

You get the hard cover book Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, the two bonus chapters, four ebonuses, an autograph, collectors souvenirs, and free postage ...

if you order now.

You can be one of the few who uses coin snatching to build your reputation. (Being able to speed steal a coin with super fast reflexes is a pretty big benfeit, wouldn't you say?)

There are so many more benefits in this 214-page, beautifully hardbound text. For example, did you know there are chapters that relate coin snatching to practical martial arts. Even if you aren't a martial artist, can you see the benefit of having a much faster punch?

uy It's time for you to order the book, because if you don't use these methods to build your magic reputation, someone else will.

May you make decisions that benefit you in life and in your pursuit of magic,

Keith Pascal

PS If you are a performing magician, the first show you get as a result of doing a coin snatch will pay for the book several times over.

Before I wrote Coin Snatching, I was offered $200 to teach Kip's Take to an eager magician. Now, the entire book is yours with the bonus chapters, the four+ ebonuses, the souvenirs, autograph, and free postage -- all for $29.95

And remember -- there is absolutely no risk with my 100% money-back guarantee.


Order Coin Snatching directly from the Publisher


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Or ...

send a check or money order for $29.95
(U.S. funds only) to:


Kerwin Benson Publishing
2749 Friendly St., Suite Q
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(Be sure to include your email address, and say that you want Coin Snatching (the magician's special). And we'll email you download instructions for your ebonuses.).

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